Tuesday, 19 August 2014

IIT CEED Exam Preparation Now Not An Impossible Dream

Ace Edutech has catered to the spread of education by providing both Undergraduate and Post Graduate courses for students. The course materials are being supervised by illustrious alumni from IIT, IITDM, IIMA and CEPT, NID, APEID and more. As compared to the education of yesteryears, Modern education has branched out into new frontiers and the inclusion of new areas of study is both a modern as well as a bidirectional pursuit, preparing students to face the outside world with confidence and helping them achieve self reliance at younger ages.

Ace caters to the imparting of course materials for Entrance Test preparation for students seeking admission to reputed Undergraduate and Post Graduate colleges within India and in foreign lands. The curriculum is comprehensive and aided by faculties from reputed engineering and arts colleges. Soft skills training which has become much in vogue for those seeking higher education, has become an integral part of education and training by Ace faculties. Each faculty with Ace has a minimum teaching experience of two years and a  maximum of twenty years, and deliver the lectures and practical demonstration as per industry standards. However the CEED courses have the need for students being present personally in ACE training classes.

As the IIT CEED coaching institute, Ace Edutech has reached the heights in the imparting state of the art teaching and education building materials supplying for their equally illustrious students. The fee for Ace++ PG CEED courses is 25,000, which is within the reach of most parents seeking their ward’s admission. The minimum qualification desired for CEED course is Graduation or those about to complete their Graduation. The Course title is a masters in Design/ Fashion/ Architecture/ Fine Arts.

The Portfolio Consultancy fee for those aspiring to get admitted to good colleges have to pay 7500/- to 40000/- for the second round of examination in India or abroad with IELTS /TOFEL or other requirements. The BE READY course is an additional course designed for getting trained in both Hard and Soft skills; that is available for 6000/-.  There is 10 minutes aptitude test that can be downloaded from the ACE website to partake IIT CEED Coaching Institute training.

IIT CEED Exam Preparation has been developed on the strong pillars of experience, updated knowledge and relevant course structures customized to student needs. The IIT CEED Exam Preparation entails being present for a two day examination at any of the test centres decided by IIT’s. It includes a written test for 90 minutes and facing an interview to test his or her personality and awareness of development in the field of their study. All this follows the call sent by IIT for second round examination.

Facing this and emerging victorious requires hours of hard work and self appraising, which is methodically monitored and improved upon by ACE IIT CEED Coaching institute.